19 July 2024
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About us

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HELLO IRLANDIA – your voice on the Emerald Isle!

No. 1 Polish Media in Ireland!

Empowering the Polish Diaspora with Reliable Information and Engaging Entertainment

Our Polish media outlet offers credible information and online entertainment. It showcases the Polish community on the Emerald Isle. It is always in the midst of the most important events shaping the Polish reality under the Celtic sky. Hello Irlandia informs, inspires and supports every step of the way, offering our listeners a novel perspective on age-old issues!

We always put our audience first, bringing you real debate on the issues affecting our lives in Ireland. From political corruption, to schooling, to health matters, our amazing team of voluntary researchers, producers, and presenters work to keep you informed. We mainly serve the Polish and expat community in Ireland, but we have plenty of Irish people in our audience, as well as on our guest list.

Hello Irlandia informs, inspires and supports you every day, with our weekly live shows, video reports, and extensive written news reporting.

HelloIrlandia.ie: Connecting the Polish Community in Ireland

HelloIrlandia.ie, your trusted voice on the Emerald Isle, stands tall as the number one Polish media outlet in Ireland. Our dynamic platform caters to the vibrant Polish community, weaving together a rich tapestry of news, entertainment, and live shows. Whether you’re sipping tea in Dublin or dancing a polka in Cork, HelloIrlandia.ie is your digital companion, bridging the gap between cultures and connecting hearts.

Our Mission: Informed, Inspired, and Supported

1. Reliable Information

At HelloIrlandia.ie, we take our role seriously. Our team of passionate volunteers, including researchers, producers, and presenters, work tirelessly to keep you informed. From political developments to health matters, we delve into the heart of issues affecting our lives in Ireland. We’re not just about headlines; we’re about real debate. Our commitment to credible information ensures that you’re always in the know.

2. Engaging Entertainment

Life isn’t just about facts and figures—it’s about laughter, music, and shared experiences. HelloIrlandia.ie brings you a delightful blend of entertainment. Tune in to our weekly live shows every Wednesday at 9 PM. From lively discussions to cultural showcases, we celebrate the Polish spirit under the Celtic sky. Our video reports and podcasts add color to your day, whether you’re commuting or cozying up with a cup of hot tea.

3. Promoting the Best Music

Music transcends borders, and HelloIrlandia.ie knows it well. We curate playlists that resonate with your soul. From traditional Polish folk tunes to contemporary hits, our music section is a harmonious blend of nostalgia and discovery. Whether you’re a homesick expat or an Irish enthusiast, our tunes will keep your spirits high.

Features That Keep You Connected

1. Video Reports

Our video reports capture the essence of Irish life through a Polish lens. From scenic landscapes to bustling city streets, we bring you closer to the heart of Ireland. Whether it’s a feature on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or a glimpse of the Cliffs of Moher, our videos transport you across the miles.

2. Podcasts

Plug in your earphones and embark on a podcast journey. HelloIrlandia.ie hosts insightful conversations, interviews, and cultural explorations. Whether you’re curious about Irish history or seeking advice on settling in, our podcasts are your audio companions.

3. Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on the action! Our events calendar keeps you updated on Polish gatherings, festivals, and community meet-ups. Whether it’s a pierogi festival or a language exchange, HelloIrlandia.ie ensures you’re part of the buzz.

Empowering the Polish Diaspora with Reliable Information and Engaging Entertainment

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    Are you interested in contributing to HelloIrlandia?

    If you’d want to join the HelloIrlandia community, we’d be overjoyed! One of the best ways to meet other Polish expats, exchange thoughts, and have a good influence is to contribute to our platform.

    Here are a few ways to get involved:

    1. Write Articles or Blog Posts:
      • Do you have a passion for writing? Share your experiences, stories, or informative articles related to life in Ireland. Whether it’s about cultural events, travel tips, or personal anecdotes, your words can resonate with our readers.
    2. Create Engaging Content:
      • If you’re a content creator, consider producing videos, podcasts, or other multimedia content. We love fresh perspectives and creative approaches. Your content could entertain, educate, or inspire our community.
    3. Participate in Discussions:
      • Join our online forums, comment sections, and social media channels. Engage in conversations, share your thoughts, and contribute to meaningful dialogues. Your insights matter!
    4. Promote Hello Irlandia:
      • Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and fellow Polish community members about HelloIrlandia.ie. Share our articles, videos, and events on your social media platforms. Every share counts!
    5. Attend and Cover Events:
      • If you’re attending Polish-related events in Ireland, consider writing event summaries or capturing moments through photos or videos. Your first-hand accounts add authenticity to our platform.
    6. Collaborate with Us:
      • Have an idea for a collaboration? Let’s work together! Whether it’s a joint event, an interview, or a special project, we’re open to partnerships that benefit our community.
    7. Provide Feedback:
      • As a community-driven platform, we value your feedback. Let us know what you love, what you’d like to see more of, and any improvements we can make. Your input shapes HelloIrlandia.ie.

    To contribute to HelloIrlandia.ie, you can contact our friendly team via the following channels.

    Email: Contact our editorial team at plinirlandia@gmail.com. Share your ideas, hobbies, and relevant work samples. We are excited to hear from you!

    Remember, HelloIrlandia.ie thrives because of passionate individuals like you. Whether you’re a seasoned writer, a tech-savvy creator, or simply someone who cares about community connections, there’s a place for you here. 🌟

    Advertising on Hello Irlandia: Connecting with the Polish Community in Ireland

    Are you ready to make your mark on the vibrant HelloIrlandia platform? Advertising with us is your gateway to reaching a dynamic audience interested in Polish news, culture, and life in Ireland. Here’s how you can feature your business:

    1. Banner Ads and Sponsored Content:
      • Banner Ads: Showcase your brand prominently on our website. Whether it’s a top-of-page banner or strategically placed side banners, we’ll ensure your message stands out.
      • Sponsored Content: Collaborate with our team to create engaging articles or videos that resonate with our audience. Share your story, products, or services in an authentic way.
    2. Event Promotion:
      • Got an event coming up? Let us help you spread the word! Feature your event on HelloIrlandia.ie, and we’ll ensure it reaches the right eyes.
    3. Social Media Exposure:
      • Our social media channels are buzzing with activity. Leverage our reach on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. We’ll tailor a campaign that suits your goals.
    4. Podcast Sponsorship:
      • Be part of our podcast conversations. Sponsor an episode or series, and your brand will be heard by our engaged listeners.
    5. Newsletter Inclusion:
      • Reach our subscribers directly through our newsletter. Feature your business in our regular updates.
    6. Tailored Packages:
      • We understand that every business is unique. Let’s create a customised advertising package that aligns with your objectives and budget.

    Why Advertise with Hello Irlandia?

    • Targeted Audience: Our platform caters to the Polish community in Ireland, expats, and Irish individuals interested in Polish culture.
    • Credibility: As the No. 1 Polish media outlet in Ireland, we offer reliable information and engaging content.
    • Community Connection: HelloIrlandia.ie is where hearts meet—be part of the conversation that matters.

    Get Started: Visit our Advertise with Us page for details and contact information. Let’s amplify your brand together! 🌟

    HelloIrlandia.ie – Your Voice on the Emerald Isle!

    Hello Irlandia is a vibrant platform that resonates with the Polish community in Ireland and beyond. Let’s delve into the demographics of our cherished readers:

    1. Political Affiliation:
      • Nearly half (49%) of our print and online readers identify as Conservative party supporters.
    2. Age Groups:
      • Over 55s form the largest segment of our online readers, accounting for 39%.
      • The 45–54 age group contributes 18%.
      • The 35–44 group represents 17%.
      • 25–34-year-olds make up 15% of our readership.
    3. Gender and Beyond:
      • While our audience skews older, we welcome readers of all backgrounds and ages.
      • Our platform isn’t just for Poles; Irish individuals also find value in our content.
    4. Community Connection:
      • Whether you’re a proud Pole or an honorary Celt, HelloIrlandia.ie is here to inform, inspire, and support you every step of the way.

    Join our vibrant community at Hello Irlandia.ie and be part of the conversation! 🌟