22 March 2023
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Keto Drinks

Our lockdown induced isolation kept us at home for weeks and reduced our mobility significantly. We seldom went grocery shopping or for an extensive walk and we were for far too long in the dangerous proximity of our fridges. As the result a lot of us put on weight and we do not fit in our summery clothes anymore. Automatically, we think of a diet that could fix that and about an exercise routine to get rid of excess fat. What would be the best diet of choice to effectively burn the unwanted layers of adipose tissue? It is time to fight off fat with… fat!

Clinical studies and practice of the recent years have showed that diets based on low amounts of carbohydrates with the abundance of healthy fats and a reasonable portion of proteins seems to be bringing the best and lasting effects. Particularly the ketogenic diet made a name for itself thanks to its effectiveness in beating chronical diseases like diabetes type II or cancer as well as obesity and in maintaining healthy body weight.

Without going into too much details the ketogenic diet is based on the phenomenon whereby radically reducing sugar or in general carbohydrates in our meals we push our body to use our fat stores for producing energy. In the process of fatty acids being broken down in the liver we obtain small molecules called ketones which released into the bloodstream significantly take over glucose levels and become the dominant source of energy for body tissues. This metabolic state where body switches to burning fats is called ketosis.

Ketogenic diet is not the simplest diet and requires a bit of discipline and consistence. It is important that like in any health cantered diet we should eat variety of vegetables and fruits as often raw as possible and excluding just those most sweet and starchy like banana or pumpkin. Regardless if we go for just low-carb diet or keto if we want to seriously work on loosing excess kilos, we need to rigorously avoid simple sugars and products from refined/white flours.

We all know that our sugar cravings so called sweet truth and a habit of snacking in between the meals is our biggest enemy while embarking on a diet boat. Therefore, I would like to propose a couple of simple recipes which will allow us to enjoy our morning coffee without any pastry and skipping breakfast switching to a glass of vegetable juice or green shot beforehand.

Bullet proof coffee is based on a cup of freshly brewed black coffee, even better if made from freshly ground coffee beans to avail of its antioxidants. We add unsalted butter and MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides). All 3 ingredients are blended into a frothy cappuccino in a traditional blender, smoothie

maker, etc and such a drink will satisfy our hunger and reduce any urge to grab something sweet on a side. MTC oil and butter in coffee give us that feeling of fulness and satiety for a longer time. It can greatly help in sustaining the intermediate fasting between early dinner and let’s say brunch. If we do not have MTC oil, we can use virgin coconut oil (1 Tbsp) and butter (2 Tbsp). Sometimes a lot of fat ingested at once may irritate the stomach so it is advisable to add smaller amounts of these fats to such coffee at the beginning to get accustomed to them, for instance just 1 tsp of butter and 1 tsp of MTC/coconut oil.

MTC oil is responsible for quickly providing the required energy for our body and brain, enhances memory and concentration. That is why MCT oil is a desired ingredient of that coffee. It set us for a good start of the day, mobilises our mental powers. Although coconut oil includes MCT type fatty acids pure MCT oil is a better solution, more effective. It is available in health store or on-line for instance on Amazone.

Additionally, if we like different flavours in our coffee or cappuccino, we can add to the blender a drop or two of vanilla extract, spices like cinnamon or pumpkin spice or coco powder to achieve frothy mocha.

Another filling drink I would like to propose is keto hot chocolate. We add to the blander the following ingredients: about a glass of boiled water, 30 gr of unsalted butter, 1 Tbsp of coco powder, 2 ½ tsp of erythritol (healthy substitute of sugar) and ¼ Tsp of vanilla extract. Such hot chocolate may be a great alternative of a weekend coffee with cake.

As for erythritol it is the healthiest sweetener because without metabolising by the human body it is removed from it with urine and does not cause loose stools or bloating. Additionally, its glycaemic index is 0. Erythritol can be bought separately or as a mixture combined with stevia also safe for those avoiding sugar.

I hope that the above propositions for changing our unhealthy coffee rituals into something energizing and tasty will convince the readers that it is worth exploring dietary alternatives benefiting our body and mind. I practice it myself and enjoy my bullet proof coffee every morning now avoiding successfully sweet temptations. I hope I motivated you to try it as well.

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