19 July 2024
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Protest in Dublin – 25 July – 2 p.m. – Custom House🍀

Yellow Vest Ireland and Health Freedom Ireland among other organisations encourage concerned citizens and residents of Ireland to join them in peaceful protest this Saturday, the 25th of July at Custom House in Dublin.

The protest called Time For Change is the response of various activists groups towards increasing restrictions of civil liberties and basic freedoms driven by the government’s arbitrary decisions like mandatory masks in public spaces, blocking pubs from opening up, promoting the idea of mandatory vaccinations, lack of focus on housing crisis to name just a few.

The organisers believe that only the united strong response from the peacefully protesting and adherig to the safety measures citizens will catch the political establishment’s attention.

The protest will be supported by a barrister Tracey O’Mahony who has been frequently addressing issues of freedom of speech and other basic human rights like informed consent or freedom of movement throughout the pandemic. We invite the readers to listen to her message attached at the bottom of this post.

Source: @TraceyOMahony81 – Tracey O’Mahony Twitter account

@HealthFreedomIE – Health Freedom Ireland Twitter account

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