19 July 2024
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On the weekend before the election night the highest military brass held an unofficial meeting with network anchors to clarify speculations, started by the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. In an interview with Comedy Central’s (how accurate…) Trevor Noah “Sleepy Joe” boasted, that the military would escort President Donald Trump out of the White House in case he lost the election and refused to leave. Gen. Milley and other generals refuted those claims, saying that the military will not get cast in any scenario involving political and/or election-revolving contentions.

“I believe deeply in the principle of an apolitical U.S. military,” Milley said in a written statement released in August, “In the event of a dispute over some aspect of the elections, by law U.S. courts and the U.S. Congress are required to resolve any disputes, not the U.S. military. I foresee no role for the U.S armed forces in this process.”

And now, that we cleared this controversy out of the way we can move on, in an indubitably Hitchcockian manner, to even more shocking developments surrounding the current presidential elections in the USA.

Who decides the election outcome?

First surprising announcement is that the 2020 presidential election has not been concluded as of yet. It is true, that many mass media outlet and tv stations already called the result in favor of Joe Biden. But adjudicating the election outcome is the US Congress and the US Supreme Court area of jurisdiction.

The media machine committed a blatant sin of overstepping their competences; they also abandoned their primary obligation toward the American citizen: of thoroughly investigating the electoral processes in each and every state and reporting the truth fairly, even if it’s inconvenient to certain political factions.

Was it the first time in the history? No; and the media has a long trail of unflattering fudges.

Four instances when media called it wrong for a president elect of the United States: Thomas E. Dewey (1948), Al Gore (2000), Hillary Clinton (2016) and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr (2020).

MSM’s premature call for Al Gore. Not that having Gore as president would change much back then…

So, after all, it’s not a biggie. Media knows its way of ‘apologizing out’ of its own gaffes. And it won’t even blush while at it. It’s been, however, ‘enough already!’ for the average folk, fed up with the mainstream lies and the lack of media accountability. The clip below is just one of many blatant examples of how certain groups of influence usurp power over people’s minds and push their narrative as the ultimate, unquestionable truth.

Mika Brzezinski, an MSNBC host laid out the MSM agenda in a typical liberal, holier-than-thou self righteous manner:

This statement helped her earn her own touché meme:

Why is the media not reporting on the organized election meddling scheme?

But let’s go back to the beginning of this mess. It started way before November 3. James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas were among the first independent, citizen journalists reporting on the ballot schemes going beyond the last presidential election and including fraudulent activity in regards to district elections. Early in August, Ilhan Omar, the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district launched her efforts to get re-elected – at any cost. She hired a few foot soldiers to do the dirty work of collecting very often empty ballots from people, who in many cases had no intention to vote. A lot of the people who did though, were bribed. The average pay out for their vote for Ilhan was between $100 and $200. But those who would dare to refuse, would better leave the district. The ballot harvesters, like Liban Mohamed (see the linked video), would then fill the ballots in, in Omar’s favor and deliver to her campaign staffer, Ali Isse.

As Omar is Somalian, it was her compatriots community, who got targeted. Many of the people whose votes were cast, didn’t even live in Minnesota, but according to the law, anyone who has resided in the area for min. of 30 days can vote – without a valid ID! They simply need to find somebody, who will “vouch” for them and “confirm” that they are residing at the temporary address – et voilà! But if that’s the case, it can’t just be an isolated incident, can it? The clerks in the district office don’t invent voting laws! They follow them. Thus, it must have been a coordinated operation. Who is the suspect? Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party. As AJ Awed, Ward 6 City Council candidate put it: “It’s pretty much an alliance between [Somali] clan and the progressive left in the city of Minneapolis”.

But why is the congressional voter fraud significant for the presumed presidential election scam? Because it shows, that the whole illegal apparatus has been put in place long before 2020. The fraudulent infrastructure has been designed in the higher echelons of our senior political leadership and slowly implemented by their bureaucratic system, which imperceptibly, but not unwillingly, reached for mob-like tactics. It wasn’t meant to work just once, it was meant as a long-term strategy.

Project Veritas also detected malevolent motions on the part of tech giants and social media platforms, who deployed fierce algorithms in order to skew users’ electoral preferences in favor of the Democratic presidential candidate. This was happening by censoring incriminating news (like those regarding the Burisma scandal and Hunter Biden’s laptop), as well as by removing certain hashtags and auto-complete options from the search bar (#RiggedElection being one).

The real dumpster fire, however, started a few hours after the polls were closed on the election night. There was a rank of postal services insiders reporting anonymously, that their supervisors directed them to collect any mail-in ballots arriving on November 4 and on, and hand them over to the supervisor for backdating them to November 3. The USPS (United States Postal Services) workers who came forward were from Michigan and Pennsylvania. The second PA whistleblower, Richard Hopkins, revealed himself after being threatened by his employer. As if this wasn’t enough, he was then interrogated by a federal agent from OIG (Office of Investigations), who got caught on tape admitting, that his goal was to coerce Hopkins to recant his previous claims! Hopkins, a veteran and a former Marine(!) has now been suspended without pay until the investigation is complete. An to top it off – his fundraiser on GoFundMe was suspended, too… Yet, he is ready to testify under oath over ballot backdating (and no, he did NOT recant his previous statements about the ballot mishandling by his employer; it was simply Washington Post’s wishful thinking!). The Nevada post office employee was caught on a hidden camera willingly participating in the redistribution of legal ballots, which never made it to their designated addressees.

A woman from Bexar County (with San Antonio as its seat) in Texas, Raquel Rodriguez is officially a consultant for GOP House Candidate Mauro Garza. Covertly though, she set up a whole network of subordinates, who pressure all sorts of voters with gifts and coercion to change their pick. Garza even allocated to Rodriguez a “bribe” budget of $2,500. Her price is $6-8 per vote, she boasts she brings 5,000-7,000 votes to the polls, and depending on how bend on winning the runner is, she gets paid anywhere from $3,500 to $8,000 per candidate. But Raquel will also settle for favors if the hopeful politician is broke. Thus far, she claims she has in her “pocket, the state rep. [Liz Campos], the senator [Pete Flores, Republican], the commissioner, judges”. She hinted that her loyalties lie with money, and that’s the main reason why she is pushing people to vote for Biden. But she is also anti-Trump and she revealed that there are some Republicans in Texas (three of them being her clients), who are secretly working against Trump and helping with Biden’s win. She implicated another person, Joann Ramon, as her “supervisor”.

Rodriguez “confessed” it all on tape, while being unknowingly filmed by the Project Veritas journalists, pretending to be interested in her professional services. Her shady activity brakes not only the state, but also the federal law.

I would like to pause here and ask: why are the mainstream media NOT reporting on this? Why are they NOT interested in the first-hand information coming from insiders, who witnessed a crime? Did they forget about the journalist ethics of reporting fairly and informing the public? I don’t recall hearing an answer to this question, ever. Maybe those things are simply outside their purview?…

Robert Muller, who avoided multiple questions from the lawmakers at the House Judiciary Committee and House Intelligence Committee during the Russia interference investigation, would have a laugh.

Donald Trump (yes, still your president) explains the MSM’s lack of integrity in a very straightforward manner: “they don’t want the truth to be exposed”.

The social media didn’t stay idle, either. One day I open my Facebook app and see their favourite candidate being celebrated as the “projected presidential winner”. Some time later Facebook ‘strips’ Trump from the presidential title on his official fan page.

Reports of voter fraud coming in en masse

On November 4, however, other more or less independent media jumped on the Project Veritas bandwagon; some MSM outlets joined, too – to not be left behind. An avalanche broke: reports on hundreds of thousand of ballots with Joe Biden’s name, mysteriously found overnight started reaching the public; some places, like New York City, and the state of Pennsylvania noted overwhelming numbers of votes cast by… dead people – all for Biden; finally, the Republican poll watchers were denied a participation in the ballot counting in PA – and after they had challenged the process and obtained the court order the Democratic workers used against them… the COVID-19 restrictions.

In Michigan the entirety of 138,339 ballots that were found “overnight” went to Biden, and that includes Detroit, where Trump was undisputedly leading on Tuesday evening. People handling absentee ballot count in the city overnight blocked the windows with… pizza boxes to prevent the unofficial watchers from observing the whole process, which resulted in Biden taking the lead with 60,000 votes (as of the count covering 99% of all the ballots). A “glitch” in a tallying software provided by Dominion shifted 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden – in a traditionally very republican Antrim county. Btw, Dominion is a company connected to Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and the Clinton Foundation! As reported by Chanel Rion from One America News Network, the Dominion’s communication manager, Penelope Chester, is a rabid anti-Trumper and co-organizer of the 2017 Women’s March against Trump; oh, and before she joined Dominion she worked for Clinton Growth Initiative. But we should rest assured that the Democratic Party didn’t attempt to control the election outcome.

Where Dominion couldn’t mix things up, a typo came in handy – the Shiawassee county with the population of 68,000 mistakenly reported 153,710 total votes, when it reality it was only 15,371. To spice it all up – curious internauts found 847 dead people registered as voters for the August primaries! As a result, on Nov 9 Trump’s campaign sued the City of Detroit with its officials and the Clerk and Board of Wayne County for alleged voter fraud in ballot-counting procedures. Additionally, on Nov 10, they sued Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson with her officials for election irregularities and tabulating software/equipment malfunctions, but this time – in the federal court! And rightly so, cause the sketchy Dominion software was used in 47 Michigan counties. But the real bomb turned out to be a Democratic whistleblower coming forward with a sworn affidavit documenting unbelievable scale of meddling and swindling. Rudy Giuliani announced it on Nov 10, adding that her (the witness’) account will make for enough evidence to flip Michigan to Trump.

The White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany went on Hannity later that day and showed 234 pages of sworn affidavits of people who witnessed election fraud in many forms for a single county of Wayne. The irregularities included: multiple ballots with the same signature; ballots with no voter record, classified as valid and ballots run multiple times through the tallying machine; backdating mail-in ballots arriving after the election deadline; couching voters in Biden’s favor; and of course, a vote from a dead person.

On November 5, discrepancies were found in the state of Georgia. In the early morning hours the number of ballots remaining to be counted grew from 18,540 at 6:20am to around 60,000 at 8:30am… In the usual circumstances those numbers should be going down. To put it in layman’s terms – the heap of late arriving valid votes should be getting smaller if the counting continued through the night! Unless, of course, the votes are illegal and the ballots, filled on Nov 4 and Nov 5, were pitched in the heap. The question also remains, who filled those ballots? Sleepy head voters? Or professional ballot harvesters with Democrat Party officials and their ilk in their pockets?

On November 6, Georgia’s secretary of state announced a recount of cast votes, and on Nov 11, he specified it will be a manual one. The state’s law permits a recount if the difference between the provisional winner and his rival is 0.5% or less; as of Nov 9, the difference was at 0.2% and 10,353 in actual votes, out of 5 mln cast.

The amount of votes cast for Trump in Georgia went down ⬇️ overnight… On Nov 4, at midnight it was at 372,407 but by 9pm it ended up at an “auspicious” number of 33,300… Really?… This doesn’t smell fishy at all!

In Wisconsin Trump campaign requested a recount on Nov 4, after data was revealed that Biden outperformed Obama’s 2012 and Hillary’s 2016 results in some counties, in certain cases doubling his party colleagues achievements. This is unlikely enough. But that’s not all: he supposedly also beat Trump in counties, where Trump beat his own score from 2016. And the cherry on top: Wisconsin’s voter turnout appeared to be at 89% – an outcome that has never before occured in the history of the United States! On Nov 7, Trump campaign announced initiating the recount.

On Nov 4, Trump campaign went to court to obtain an order to stop vote counting in Pennsylvania until Republican observers are granted full access to the counting site. The judge ruled in Trump’s favor, but the election officials appealed and now the case is pending. Trump campaign filed another lawsuit aiming to rush the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Kathy Boockvar and 67 counties to sort out the issue of missing proof of identification on ballots, that came in without such. A similar lawsuit, pertaining to missing signature, address and date on 600 ballots was filed on Nov 5, against the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Both cases are pending. On the same day the campaign sued Philadelphia County’s Board of Elections to stop ballot counting in the whole state. The request was denied, and thus the Trump campaign escalated the case to the Supreme Court. On Nov 6, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito issued a temporary order requiring Pennsylvania to segregate ballots that arrived after Election Day.

Another quirk – 23,000 absentee ballots have a return date earlier than the sent date, and one can’t find a more obvious indication of fraud than this one; a whole lot of 35,000 ballots were returned on the exact same day they were mailed out; 51,000 of voting cards arrived at the USPS facility only a day after they were sent out; and over 9,000 of them have no send date at all. According to Rudolph Giuliani, the former NYC mayor and Trump’s lawyer, 650,000 ballots were counted unlawfully in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and are currently under scrutiny. That pushed the Trump campaign to file a lawsuit in the federal court aiming to stop the state authorities from officially certifying the 2020 General Elections for reasons of mismanaging and conveying it in secrecy. The campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh, branded PA presidential election “unconstitutional”.

In Nevada, electoral pranks started a few days before the election day prompting the Trump campaign to file a lawsuit on October 25, to stop mail in ballot counting until Trump volunteers are allowed to watch the process; the campaign and the state reached a settlement. However, on Nov 5, a third-party – two Nevada Republicans and a voter – filed a suit together asking to change signature verification procedures in regards to handling ballots, but the request was denied and no further action was taken, as of yet. Also, the Nevada Republican Party sent a criminal referral to AG Barr pertaining to suspected voter fraud in the state. After cross-checking the voters data with the National Change of Address database they discovered at least “3,062 individuals who appear to have improperly cast mail ballots in the election.” And just like in Michigan, whistleblowers are coming forward to attest of suspect activity taking place at the polling centers. One of them has already submitted an affidavit stating that the poll workers were fabricating proof of residence, so the illegal aliens could vote in the election. According to Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, 9,000 former Nevada residents somehow cast their votes in this election in… Nevada, which, naturally, is illegal.

In Arizona, voters were improperly “coached” by poll workers to use… sharpies to fill out their ballots. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit on Nov 7, and if successful, all the votes from the Maricopa County, which were rejected because of the sharpies bleeding and staining the ballots, would be accounted for. On Nov 13, the Republican Party of Arizona filed a lawsuit similar to Georgia, seeking a hand count of votes by precincts (as opposed to by voting centers, which are fewer).

And here are more accounts from Americans, who commented on posts on our Fb page and pointed out suspicious activity across the West Coast (California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington), Texas, Virginia and New Jersey.

The last picture shows a cavalcade of cars parading in support of Trump in Arizona. According to Twitter users, the line was 96 km/115 miles long.

Demonstrations of support for Donald Trump were happening massively in the least expected states, like California. This video was shot on the weekend right before the elections in… Beverly Hills of all places!

You can find more examples of rallies from CA here [Nov 22, update: unfortunately, Twitter suspended Greg Rubini’s account with the whole thread describing a possible voter turnout for the state of California]:

And here are some activities, that should be investigated: poll workers in California are handling several massive bags with ballots on the morning of November 4.

And finally, a handful of examples from all over the country:

Presidential Election 2020 results defy probability laws, statisticians scream

After all the evidence of cheating and intentional mishandling, I don’t feel like I’m compelled to present any further arguments to back up my claim of election fraud. But I’m going to do it anyway. Even if none whistleblowers came forward and people weren’t lining up to initiate lawsuits, mathematicians would step in anyway. First anomaly was Wisconsin voter turnout of almost 90%, which I mentioned above, and which was way bigger than in the previous years. Almost all of the votes dumped at the voting center at 3 or 4 am were for Biden – even though Wisconsin is traditionally a very conservative state, and before midnight on Nov 3, Trump had a strong lead.

Some statistically savvy observers noticed other mathematical flaws”, reports The Red Elephants, “as random numbers in statistics should follow a pattern in their distribution. If the numbers are falsified, it is easy to detect.”

And further, “The increase in Democrats relative to Republicans was significantly higher when the Democrat was doing worse overall in early counting. Within each ward, late votes broke heavily to the Democrat in exactly the races where they are likely to affect the result.”

Then there were many other oddities, like “fast travelling” ballots in Pennsylvania (arriving before they had been sent out); two PA counties, where the votes were suspiciously skewed towards older people; and finally – the massive enthusiasm gap.

According to polling, writes The Red Elephant, “the difference in enthusiasm for the candidates is significant. Trump leads 52.9 percent to 45 percent among the 51.2 percent of registered Rust Belt voters who say they are “Extremely Enthusiastic” about voting for their preferred candidate. Among likely voters who are extremely enthusiastic, the president enjoys a double-digit advantage—60.5 percent to 44.9 percent.”

Less than half of the supporters of former vice president Joe Biden, (46.9 percent) said they were voting for Joe Biden because they like the candidate. Approximately 8 in 10 voted for President Trump because they wanted his as President.”

Biden vote tallies appear to also violate Benford’s law, which is “is one accepted test for catching election fraud, used by the State Department and forensic accountants.” NTD explains it as follows:

In simple terms, the law states that in many real-world data sets, such as demographic data, geographical data, or even sports statistics, the first digit of the numbers will more likely be 1 than 2, and 2 more likely than 3, etc. following logarithmic scale. If the first-digit distribution significantly diverges from this rule, it could be evidence of artificial manipulation of the data.

The law has been used to identify fraudulent financial records and other illegal activities. Walter Mebane, a political science professor at the University of Michigan, used the law to back ballot-stuffing allegations in the 2009 Iran election (pdf). Some researchers also used the law to check for irregularities in the 2016 election in Wisconsin (pdf).”

But more important from a practical standpoint is the contravention of the Helmut Norpoth model. This model correctly predicted 24 out of 26 presidential elections, including 2016. Those reputable (because they proved themselves) scientists are predicting Trump’s reelection with 91% of probability.

Wait, are we watching a coup attempt?!

So, how did we end up with a corrupt network of politicians and officials trying to rig the 2020 elections? I can’t answer this question just yet, but things are looking very promising for the truth to be revealed soon. What I can tell at this point is that, it wasn’t the swamp’s first attempt. More and more evidence of extensive voter fraud has surfaced within the last 10 days, and this evidence points to many successful attempts of tampering with previous elections… and they aren’t limited to the US exclusively!

Somehow, Donald Trump knew the swamp would attempt to cheat this time, too. He actually predicted the voter fraud scenario with an astounding precision. This is the official statement, which he released on Nov 2, a day before the elections.

He knew that the Democrats had concocted a plan, which they had called “Red Mirage”. He also knew Biden didn’t have a chance to win, even after pulling off the “early vote” (due to the pandemic) scheme. “Sleepy Joe”, as Trump likes to call him, allowed for some hardcore truths to be revealed about himself to the public just a bit too easily. Some compromising videos of sniffing somebody else’s wives and children have been circulating on Twitter for a long time now. For many blunders, he can thank himself, though. Here, he was busted by none other than Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary (who, btw, nowadays is tweeting more often from her personal account). He basically admits to devising a voter fraud infrastructure…

Of course, this could have been a Freudian slip of the tongue and what he really meant was: voter fraud prevention. But, honestly, how many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? Here’s an old video of a newly elected senator Biden, when he was still mentally capable and full of (wicked) energy. He didn’t even bother to conceal his unprincipled attitude.

And it all adds up just to well to the Burisma and “laptop from hell” scandals, which involved his own son – a perpetrator and a victim in an equal degree.

It appears that Joe isn’t the only one in the extended Democrat family, who has a tendency to faux pas. Mayor de Blasio’s daughter, Chiara, just got caught on the tape admitting that Biden managed to cheat his way in the presidency.

Now, that we heard it from the Democrats personally, we can move on to the professional expertise. Gen. Tom McInerney (Air Force veteran) revealed in an interview with Steve Bannon, that many years ago the (corrupt?) NSA invented a system called Hammer. Hammer is a sigints or signals intelligence, which is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people (communications intelligence—abbreviated to COMINT) or from electronic signals not directly used in communication (electronic intelligence—abbreviated to ELINT). The system was intercepted by the CIA under Obama, who added an application called Scorecard. Hammer is capable of hacking into elections and manipulating votes by a 3% margin. The then president used it in 2012 elections in Florida! Obama also used it in the primaries causing Sanders to lose to Biden. McInerney warned (before the elections!) that the totalitarian left wing will try and hijack the voting results.

So, what did Hammer break into during the recent elections? It hacked the Dominion Voting Systems, which I mentioned earlier, and which provides the voting machines and ballot-counting equipment. Dominion is made up of Chinese components, and it was used in Canada, where it also caused problems with elections. As many as twenty-eight American states have implemented it and let it run its course in the current elections. In the aftermath, Judicial Watch reported about 1.8 million more registered voters (labeled “ghost voters”) than eligible citizens! Eight out of those 28 states exceeded 100% voter turnout!!! Those states are: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Literally, on Friday the 13th, the public found out from Sidney Powell (who is also the gen. Flynn’s attorney) that Dominion was originally invented to influence votes in… Venezuela! It was sponsored by this country and Cuba, with unspecified Chinese role, and only later adapted for the USA. Powell, according to her own words, is preparing a documentation coming from multiple witnesses and the evidence she’s in possession of is humungus. Hundreds of thousands of votes were replicated after the elections. “I’m going to release the Kraken!”, said Sidney.

What’s more, it was set up with the help of social and mass media. John Solomon, an investigative journalist and founder of Just The News website, reports, taht private money was involved in the elections. The dirty funds flew to election judges and staff counting the votes. The check, which amounted to $350 million, was written by Mark Zuckerberg and distributed indirectly, by a group called The Center For Tech and Civic Life.

Sean Hannity of Fox News (a patriot confirmed by president Trump many, many times) noticed an interesting concurrence in regards to the voting system name: Dominion.

Two other very qualified experts confirm, what most of us suspect: that we have a voter fraud currently occurring in our country: James E. “Trey” Trainor III, chair of the Federal Election Commission, and Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow with the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, both appointed by president Donald Trump.

An interesting coincidence: one of the general elections machine ID is: “Hodor” (a character from the HBO series “Game Of thrones”)

Spakovksy said in an interview for LifeSiteNews, that the particularly popular form of election fraud is, nowadays, ballot harvesting. He also noted, that “Joe Biden is not officially the president” until and unless all of the states have certified their election results, and that may not happen for a while, ”since many of the states may have to be subject to a recount of the votes. He noted that the results only become official when the electoral college meets on December 14th, “where the electors of each state… will actually cast their votes for president.”

So, how many different kinds of fraud are we dealing with? Here are 13 points.

I left a few more shocking examples of breaking the law for the very end:

Attorney General William Barr has already issued a memo in which he said that he authorized federal prosecutors “to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections in your jurisdictions in certain cases, as I have already done in specific instances.”

The next few days, perhaps a couple of weeks, will be an intense battleground between Trump and the syndicate known as the Democratic Party. Even though all the mainstream media had called the election result and some foreign politicians rushed with congratulations to Joe Biden, some of the news outlets are already retracting their previous, hasty statements. Some independent researches, often highly qualified, come up with their own election projections, like this man, Ivan, a Constitutional lawyer, retweeted by gen. Michael Flynn.

A reliable source is also the Epoch Times, a newspaper which refused to call the outcome until all pending legal matters are resolved. Here’s the link to their updates on the 2020 election.

President Trump seems to be the eye of the cyclone – last weekend, amidst the legal fight conducted by his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, he went… golfing. Of course, he doesn’t stop tweeting.

And the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, asked during a press conference on Nov 10, whether there is going to be a smooth transition into Biden administration answered, laughing: “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration. We’re ready, the world is watching, what’s taking place here. We’re going to count all the votes, when the process is complete there’ll be electors selected. There’s a process, the constitution lays it out pretty clearly (…) It took us 37+ days in an election back in 2000, we conducted a successful transition then (…) We’ll get it right, we’re in good shape”.

After 4 years of “watching the show”, I feel very confident that Patriots are in control.

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