19 July 2024
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Could we be forcefully detained and isolated? Could our children be sent to foster care during the time of our detainment? What does really the Health Act 2020 say on these issues?

The Health Act 2020 is an emergency bill introduced in March this year by the skeleton assembly in Oireachtas for the purpose of containing the COVID19 pandemic. The act consists of 3 parts modifying the Custom Act 2015, the Health Act 1947, Social Welfare Acts and the Social Welfare Consolidation Act.

As we know the act among other things gives special powers to the Minister of Health who can restrict social and economic life as well as freedom of movement to a great extent. That new law initiated as well as the financial help packages for people who lost their income because of the imposed restrictions during the lockdown. These facts we know very well.

However, what do we really know about the potential consequences of this act for our and our children’s personal freedoms, personal integrity in the sense of inviolability as well as privacy in the situation where there is no suspicion of a committed crime or a warrant to enter or search our homes?

Are our children safe and secure if we get detained and isolated because of being suspected or being sick of Covid19?

What in practice do the articles of the third part of The Health Act 2020 referring to Detention and isolation of the persons in certain circumstances mean?

Is there any relation between the content of the act and the recently published article in the Irish Times about the changes in the foster care screening requirements for public sector workers?

➡️ https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/covid-19-public-sector-workers-at-home-may-be-asked-to-foster-children-1.4324530

The video below pertains in detail to the issue of detention, detainment and isolation of persons suspected or sick of COVID19. The film was created thanks to two concerned parents – activists advocating against the potential repercussions of that act. Those parents are raising awareness of the content of the Health Act 2020 within the Irish society as anybody can be detained in the light of the laws included in the discussed bill.

The video material belongs to the You Tube canal called Grand Torino. The Host Rowan Croft made the content available to other youtubers and the public to spread the knowledge on the Health Act 2020. The above-mentioned Irish parents invited to his stream were in consultation with a lawyer to have a better understanding of the legal language in that bill and its practical meaning to the members of the public. I invite everyone to watch and share this critical and highly worrying info.

Please remember that authorities and governments tend to gain as much influence and control over the people as the citizens will allow them to get. It fully depends on us how we react and push against this widespread non-pardon power grab.

More info can be obtained on the Facebook page NO TO THE HEALTH ACT 2020:

➡️ https://www.facebook.com/No-to-The-public-Health-Act-2020-114700670279609

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