2 April 2023
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Call for action – 3 days left for public consultation on Irish media – 8th Jan deadline📢

There is a public consultation happening quietly on the future of the Irish media right now and the deadline to send your thoughts about the subject is on the 8th of Jan 2020.

The details on this consultation and the ways to communicate your opinion on the media are on this webpage, but I would suggest the simplest and quickest way to speak out on that issue by sending an e-mail to the following address:

📩 info@futureofmediacommission.ie

The sample of the proposed e-mail you can find at the end of this article and please feel free to change it anyway you like.

As you know over the course of last year and particularly in relation to the pandemic but not only the Irish public media showed unprecedented and stripped of any critical thinking and honesty alliance to the Irish government and their propaganda. There was no space for a debate with doctors, scientist, etc. holding a different view on the approach to the SARS-COV-2 various treatments, interpretation of statistics, necessity of lockdowns and restrictions and so on and so forth. There was only one-party line being peddled on the radio, TV, in newspapers. No alternative views could emerge on the surface of the public awareness. People who were speaking up their minds were being silenced and chased out of their careers.

On the other hand, many of you have noticed lot of woke/cancel/identity politics culture being promoted in the mainstream media and the latest product of that is a hate crime bill being cooked in the Irish Parliament. People are being stripped of their right to speak their mind under the false pretences of protecting someone’s feelings and accusations of hate speech towards any unwelcomed opinion. With that kind of law there will be no free debate on any issue in this country. No freedom in fact of any kind.

Do you really want that?

Last but not least, there is that immense censorship of the social media by the giant tech companies. I am sure you are all too aware of that and the latest new heights of that freedom clamping action is taking down the entire YouTube channel of the British talkRadio – the only full-blown radio that dare to ask uncomfortable questions and challenge the mainstream narrative. By the way, you can listen to them via this webpage 🎙


☑️ if you want to share your views with the government on the content, openness, fairness and the means of funding of the future media (very crucial in the light of the mandatory TV licence versus voluntary subscriptions maybe?),

☑️ if you want to have a chance of winning the battle for free and independent press and rely on what journalists are reporting to you,

☑️ if you want to simply hear the truth coming from your TV box or watch politicians being truly challenge in the public debate,

☑️ if you want to get value for your money and by value, I mean truth and honesty and various opinions and views that are out there,

PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL LIKE THE ONE BELOW or go to the relevant page and choose another available mean of communicating to the commission your thoughts about free and independent media – by the end of the 8th of January. Please note the word limit on the message is 8,000.

It is REALLY important that you spread this message around. It could be our last chance ever of being given an opportunity to voice our concerns. All such avenues could be closed off soon.

A sample email:


I’m not happy about the freedom of speech being cut by any means possible. Freedom of expressing any point of view have to respected. If you don’t agree with what other people say, it ok, but censor that person and don’t allow that person to say and put a label of fake on what they are saying is bullying, slithery and low because the counter argument should be with other facts, not with name calling. A free society is build strong with freedom of speech and NO CENSORSHIP. The people is smart enough to decide what is real and what is not real. The people do not need a third party to think for them. Freedom must be the Centre of a society. Otherwise, everybody will live in fear of what to say or what not to say. And fear is crippling. Free speech, freedom, liberty. Those are pillars. Everything else is on the top of those pillars and those pillars should not be destroyed by anybody, or the entire society will crumble. And YOU are part of the society, whether you like it or not. So, start acting like civil reasonable persons and forget about censoring anybody that does not agree with YOUR point of view.”

On the behalf of the Hello Irlandia team ☘️

Thank you for your support

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