2 April 2023
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Hello Irlandia interview with Edyta Hołdyńska

With the first ballot in the Polish presidential election taking place this coming Sunday and with many Polish nationals in Ireland having already returned their postal ballot, we focused this week on that very important and closely fought contest.

Therefore, we were delighted to be joined by a special guest, the leading Polish journalist and political commentator, Edyta Hołdyńska. Edyta is a journalist at Telewizja Polska and Tygodnik Sieci.

She’s the author of the book “Emigracja Ambicji” which reports on young emigrants from Poland, as well as many stories, interviews, reports, and television programs in the fields of international and national politics as well as society and the economy. She collaborated with, amongst others, “Do Rzeczy”, “Rzeczpospolita”, ” Uważam Rze” and “Gazeta Olsztynska”.

Edyta talked to us about many aspects of the presidential election contest including the latest campaign developments, what the opinion polls tell us and the potential implications for both domestic Polish politics and international relations of a win for Duda or Trzaskowski.

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