24 September 2023
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A series of talks by Aga Qubica for Hello Irlandia, with the emphasis on non-mainstream / alternative news sources 🕵️‍♀️ and independent / unfunded 🆓 research 🧠👩‍💻

Curious about what’s cooking across the pond these days? This is the weekly roundup of the most heated issues in the USA 🇺🇸 and around the world 🌎

By the People, for the People. Short and sweet.

~ Whatever happens in the USA, the rest of the world will follow ~ 🌐👉🛣

In this episode I am going to cover the following: 📌

* US Attorney John #Durham issuing multiple #subpoenas

* US troops deployed to the southern border targeting narcotic and #humantrafficking crimes; #Mexico supporting Trump’s efforts (!) by sending additional 27,000 soldiers

* Resuming #federalexecutions per president Trump’s motion

* #DOJ petitioning the #Congress to acquire the possibility to “indefinitely detain individuals during emergencies”

* #Covid19Checkpoints to screen passengers on highways having another important objective: blocking human traffickers

* Bernie #Sanders dropping out of the presidential race (after having collected enormous donations from his supporters); Joe #Biden becoming the only Democratic candidate

* #FBI arresting a LARPER posing as #QAnon

* Over 6 mln American filing for unemployment; some states using a 40-year old programming language not able to process the claims efficiently #COBOL

* #AGBarr stating that the media “has been on a jihad” to discredit #HCQ

* Discrepancies in the covid and #pneumoniastatistics; the US federal government counting #noncoviddeaths towards the #coviddeathtoll

* #RFK Jr exposing #Gates, #WHO and their agenda to push #vaccines utilizing the “pandemic” narrative

* RFK Jr shedding light on the involvement of the US #Congress with the #BigPharma on the #vaccinescheme

* Gates, #Microsoft, #RockefellerFoundation partnering up to introduce a tracking system, known as #ID2020 Alliance “#digitalidentity”, and a #globalvaccinationprogram

* #MedicalSupplyChainAct ending American dependency on the Chinese medical components

* #Trump announcing holding the funds for WHO, the US Congress calling on the WHO director, #TedrosGhebreyesus, to step down because of his history of #pandemiccoverups

* #Virus analysis (not a living thing); Harvard professor #CharlesLieber credited with the invention of virus-sized #transistors #indicted by the DOJ for not disclosing the fact about receiving #funds from the Chinese #WUT and #NIH and #DoD at the same time (conflict of interest)









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