24 September 2023
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Yellow Vest Ireland and Health Freedom Ireland are organizing another

peaceful protest and march Against Oppressive Government Restrictions

and Mandates. The organizers invite concerned citizens and residents of Ireland

to join them this Saturday, the 22nd of August at Custom House in Dublin


The protest called Time For Change is the continuation of the event that took

place a month ago on the 25th of July at the same location. The success of the

previous protest encouraged the organizers to set up another date to keep the

pressure on the authorities and their decisions continuously diminishing civil liberties

of citizens. The members of the public assembling at the Custom House are going

to protest against increasing government mandates, lack of transparency and

proportionality of decisions and lack of accountability shown by the government

officials and advisors.

The organizers will be joined and supported by prominent speakers:

Ben Gilroy – anti-eviction and civil rights activists

Michael Leahy – architect and planner as well as human rights and mental health


Ken Duffy – motivation and education speaker and mental health advocate

Meave Murran – Health Freedom Ireland Co-chair

Una Mc Gurk – Barrister and Senior Counsel

Dr Marcus de Brun – a GP based in Rush, Co Dublin

Prof. Dolores Cahill – world leading scientist and academic renowned for her work

in bio- medicine. 

For more info on the upcoming protest please check out the full text of press release

by Health Freedom Ireland

➡️ https://healthfreedomireland.com/hfi-press-release-protest-22-aug/

as well as the facebook page of Yellow Vest Ireland

➡️ https://m.facebook.com/events/229790351402637

Source: www.healthfreedomirerland.com

➡️ https://www.facebook.com/YellowVestIreland/

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