22 March 2023
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We are turning to you again to ask you to support a fantastic doctor, honest and compassionate doctor Marcus de Brun who may pay a price of losing his license because he spoke on behalf of nursing homes residents whose situation in March last year was badly mismanaged by HSE as well as he criticised public health restrictions being implemented by NPHET. As a result, Doctor de Brun is under investigation by the Irish Medical Council and may be facing a ‘fitness to practice’ review. There is a real possibility that Doctor de Brun may be struck off.

Please listen to Doctor de Brun explaining his experiences and views on the current situation in his own words:

As some of you may remember, Doctor Marcus de Brun addressed those issues at the HFI protest at the Custom House last August, You’ll find a reminder of his speech on the day below.

We are asking you to send an email to the Irish Medical Council (e-mail address: info@mcirl.ie) showing your support for Doctor de Brun and expressing your shock/anger/dismay at what they are doing.

The following are some of the questions you may wish to raise in your letter:

  • Why is Dr de Brun being investigated by the Irish Medical Council?
  • Why isn’t the Medical Council investigating why so many people died in nursing homes?
  • Why is Dr de Brun not allowed to advocate for his patients?
  • Why is the Medical Council trying to stop doctors from questioning the public health guidelines?
  • How can the guidelines be improved, if doctors are not allowed to criticise them?
  • How can the Medical Council reconcile the principle of free speech with their decision to target Dr de Brun?

Alternatively, you may wish to use the wording below as a template. Feel free to alter it if you wish.While emailing, you may choose to carbon copy (C.C.) Stephen Donnelly whose email address is: stephen.donnelly@oireachtas.ie

Thank you in advance for putting in this effort to support Doctor de Brun. We need to support brave medical professionals if we want them to speak up for us in bigger numbers. Hopefully we can make a difference that way.

The template:

“Dear Dr Doyle and Dr Crotty,

I wish to express my shock that Doctor Marcus de Brun may be facing a fitness to practice review by the Irish Medical Council, as a consequence of his advocacy on behalf of his patients and the general public during the past twelve months.

Everything I have heard Doctor de Brun say in the past year in relation to nursing homes, lockdowns, and NPIs has been well reasoned, and he has spoken out at enormous personal cost. Moreover, his opinions are in line with the most eminent scientists in the world, such as Prof. Johnny Ioannidis, Prof. Sunetra Gupta, Prof. Carl Heneghan, and many, many others.

Doctor de Brun’s heroic bravery in highlighting what he considers unacceptable practices, which he judged injurious to patients, should be lauded within medical circles, and his selfless heroism should be highlighted as an example to the next generation of young doctors.

I trust you and your Council members will take note of my thoughts on this matter, and honour the wording on your own website under the heading ‘Professionalism’: Doctors must always be guided by their primary responsibility to act in the best interests of their patients, without being influenced by any personal consideration. They should act independently in the service of their patients and have a responsibility to advocate with the relevant authorities for appropriate healthcare resources and facilities.

This, to me, precisely describes everything I have come to know about Dr de Brun.

Is mise, le meas,

Name and Surname”

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