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Was the Constitutional Court’s ruling on eugenic abortion just a cover and a distraction from

controversial changes to the law in Poland

In the right-wing media (wpolityce.pl) there are reports that the majority of the parliament has adopted regulations that are dangerous for the life and health of patients!

The Sejm adopted an amendment to certain laws in connection with the prevention of crises related to the occurrence of COVID-19. The law contains a seriously questionable provision, which introduces compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus.

The Act of 5 December 2008 on the prevention and control of infections and communicable diseases in humans is amended as follows: […]in article 46 b a) point 4 is replaced by the following: “obligation for sick and suspected persons to undergo medical examinations”, b) the following point 4a is inserted after point 4: “4a) the obligation to apply certain preventive measures and treatments”.

– reads Article 13. of the Amending Law

Preventive treatments also include protective vaccinations. In this way, coronavirus vaccination can become mandatory without the statutory inclusion of vaccination in the compulsory immunisation schedule.

There is also the question of the lack of accountability of doctors for medical errors that can be made with impunity when medical action is taken to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. Will this situation relate to the administration of, for example, a vaccine that will endanger the life and health of Poles?

What does the law say now?

But that is not everything – the provision of Article 36 of the Law on ‘preventing and combating infections and communicable diseases in humans’ is already in force. We can read it here as follows:

1. A direct coercive measure consisting of the holding, immobilization or forced administration of medicines may be used against a person who does not give in to coercive vaccination, sanitary and epidemiological examinations, sanitary procedures, quarantine or isolation of compulsory hospitalisation and who is suspected or diagnosed with a particularly dangerous and highly contagious disease which poses an immediate risk to the health or life of others.

2. The use of a direct coercive measure shall be decided by the doctor or assistant surgeon, who shall determine the type of direct coercive measure used and personally supervise its implementation by medical professionals. Any use of direct coercion shall be recorded in the medical records.

3. The doctor or assistant surgeon may ask the Police, Border Guard or Military Gendarmerie for assistance in setting up a direct coercive measure. Assistance shall be provided under the condition that the officers or soldiers are provided with measures to protect against infectious diseases by that doctor or assistant surgeon.

4. Before applying a direct coercive measure, the person against whom the direct coercive measure is to be applied shall be warned and this fact shall be recorded in the medical records. When choosing a direct remedy, the least onerous measure should be chosen for that person, and special caution and care must be taken when applying a direct coercive measure.

5. Direct immobilization coercion may be used for no more than 4 hours. In the event of a post-trial period, the use of this coercion may be extended for further 6-hour periods, with a total of not more than 24 hours.

6. Holding is an ad hoc, short-term immobilization of a person using physical force.

7. Immobilization is a longer-lasting incapacitation of a person using belts, handles, sheets or a safety straitjacket.

8. Compulsory administration of a medicine is an ad hoc or intended introduction of medicines into a person’s body without the person’s consent.

We are reminding that a month ago Chief Sanitary Inspector Jarosław Pinkas claimed that it is necessary to generate an emotional need for coronavirus vaccines.

From the editorial team of Hello Irlandia:

There are two calls of actions for the Polish who would like to attempt to make a difference:

1. A petition against the coercive vaccination


2. A letter to senators to stop that unconstitutional law in its tracks and initiate a public debate including representatives of the scientific and medical world as well as the society


Source: translation of the article „Dlatego Trybunał zabrał głos w sprawie aborcji – Sejm przegłosował obowiązek szczepień przeciwko koronawirusowi?” published on www.zyciestolicy.com.pl from 23 Oct 2020.

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