4 December 2022
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Zwracamy się z prośbą o wsparcie apelu o wysyłanie e-maili do deputowanych, senatorów i organizacji rządowych w celu oprotestowania proponowanego ponownego lockdawnu w Irlandii ☘️👇

Poniżej pełna treść listu:


‘4Ireland cannot be at NPHET’s mercy – we demand bringing back democratic procedures for decision making.’


‘Dear Senators and Deputies,

I simply demand that the NPHET be suspended and a serious debate be commenced  on restoring Ireland’s social and economic life with the focus on reducing the risk of contracting COVID19 by the most vulnerable groups of society which are the elderly and people with serious conditions.

The outrageous proposition to lockdown the entire country for another 4 weeks at the expense of mental and physical health of the society, economic life or what actually has left of it, people’s livelihoods, emotional distress of families is unacceptable and not supported by any sound evidence – be it medical or statistical.

We all know the whole range of issues that have not been addressed by the government and NPHET for months:

– low mortality rate for COVID19 at the level of a bad flu season

– HCQ and its effectiveness,

– nursing homes massive deaths (as per dr de Brun’s concerns)

– impact on mental health in the country,

– masking up teenagers in schools without medical evidence or discussion with parents,

 – mask mandates (attack on bodily autonomy enshrined in the constitution)

– ruin of hospitality industry, ruin of pubs and restaurants,

– PCR test faulty and not eligible for diagnostics of any disease (as per critic from hundreds medical doctors and scientists),

– lack of access to diagnostics and screening programs for months,

– difficulties to get to GP’s,

– lack of any valuable nutrition and supplementation advice to boost people’s immune system (highly effective vitamin D3 supplementation, zinc, etc.),

– erosion of basic rights and liberties of citizens and residents of Ireland,

– lack of democratic procedures in decision making and accountability of the elites,

– lack of open debate between specialists in medicine and other relevant disciplines due to extensive censorship.

I could go on like this for a long time but my point is that a significant part of the society is fully aware of the above and will not agree to any more lockdowns like the one proposed at the minute. 

You need to act in the name of your electorate. We are the sovereigns – we, the people, not the other way round, not the politicians. Ignoring this fact will bring only massive demonstration of discontent from the public and it may turn into some serious civil unrest.

People are tired. People had enough.

We have been pleading with every single one of you for a long time and we are being ignored. We refuse to be ruled by fear and incompetent technocrats.

Please do your duty and act in the name of the Irish public – not against us.

Demand the full opening of the country for work, business, entertainment, social life, all health care services and investigating the overreach from the government.

We are done doing “the right thing”. Now it is your turn.

Concerned citizen

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